yah i figured it’s almost christmas i might as well blog and wish u all a happy holiday…chanukah..or however u spell it starts tonight so happy menorah-ing! =o) someone better send me some latkes tho (since turner won’t!)

busy busy busy lately! i started forever-digital web services (bought a reseller hosting plan from netrillium…goodbye cyberpixels…bleh) wooohoo for resellers! i still have 1GB of space to sell off if anyone is lookin for a host! pretty cheap, and i customize prices/packages according to what u want, so IM me, email me, whatever if ur interested! i’ve been busy setting up the accounts on it, i’m hosting 4 domains so far using up a whole GB! lol

other than that…it’s almost xmas (duh!) and i still haven’t done any shopping!! lol well, i have 1 thing bought for my mom, but everyone else, i don’t know what to get em! shopping is IMPOSSIBLE!

it doesn’t even feel like it’s 5 days til xmas. we’ve had like 18 inches of snow already and it’s cold and decorations have been out for a while, but it STILL doesn’t feel like xmas is coming! neither did thanksgiving tho..just felt like a regular day with a lot of food.

hmm..what else??? nothin much is new other than that (yah, it’s been like a month and 1/2 or longer since my last blog and nothing else is new..that tells ya something!! lol)

so i’m off to check my email and crud…tahnks for visiting! =o)