Wow, I haven’t blogged in forever! Nat keeps reminding me but there’s never a lot to say… This layout’s getting old, and I don’t do homework anymore cuz I’m a slacker, so I’ll change it soon. My room’s coming together, slowly but surely. It looks AWESOME already because I got new bedding, did some funky things with ribbons on the walls, new rug, made a clock… pics coming in a while when it’s done!

So I got my license about a month ago… and GOOD NEWS! I might soon be the proud owner of a 2004 Jetta, or maybe a RAV4! I still have to decide, but… be nice to your grandmothers.

Plug for Flava: We have contests now! Right now is and GirLActik Cosmetics. Next month is Rock Hard Cosmetics, then after that, Tony&Tina! The brands just keep getting more high-end. Go now! Click on the google ads! lol i owe you one if you do.

*chants* SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! Tomorrow’s (probably/hopefully) gonna be a snow day! Do us all a favor and wear your PJ pants inside out! Randomness -> Just for the sake of pictures, this is the BuddyCam.

Okay that’s it for now, folks, I’ll try to pick up the pace and blog at least one more time this week!