woohooo! 2 more days of school then spring break!! =o) i have a trip to see some play in spanish on thursday (which should be REALLY annoying cuz i prolly won’t understand what’s goin on) then spring break starts friday…woohoo!! AND…the best news of all…i’m most likely gonna have my own car by the time school starts again!!!!!! big grin

big grin big grin excitedness! ooo yah! =o)
for those of u who are wondering..the duck in my “visual” is Quack…i got him when i was in 6th grade (OMG! i just realized that he’s 5 years old! god he’s almost ancient in duck years! ..wait…how long ARE duck years?) he was my teachers duck…he has a brother..Quick…who belongs to my friend Ashleigh… anyway..long story..i’ll blog about it some day but i’m in school now so i don’t really have the time..

on another note…YES..i am back! lol i decided that i’m payin for this domain and stuff, i might as well use it! plus, i kinda miss havin all the web friends and stuff =o)

there was somethin else i hadta say….but i can’t remember… confused
i can’t get the stupid comments plugger to work…so sorry the people in the 1st blog aren’t gonna b plugged (at least not til i get home and remember to do it manually!) if n e of u knows how to install it on greymatter PLEASE HELP! lol it’s a pain! i tried for HOURs last night…no luck.

yah that’s all i can think of for now…thanks for commenting and visiting and stuff. ttyl =o) hehe

(edit: i updated the babynames list in the amusements section…finally! i still have like 100 names to add, i’m doin a little @ a time since i’m a few months behind!)