well it’s ALMOST spring break! i just hafta finish this essay that’s due tomorrow and it’s officially spring break! (well, for me at least cuz i have a field trip all day tomorrow…stupid spanish play) i just got in from Robert Wood Johnson mini med school thingy..it was pretty boring today, nothin has lived up to the anatomy of the upper extremity lecture..THAT was awesome. cool eh?we did some stuff on how do to a physical diagnosis and stuff today…it was decent. now i just got in..it’s 10:30 and i hafta start an essay for english tomorrow…somethin on William Faulkner…and i’m totally stumped. i sense an all nighter coming on…lemme break out the coffee crazy

other than that…i don’t think much else is new. tomorrow there will only be 6 months til my 18th birthday…O M G…i can’t believe i’m so OLD already!

i mean…jeez! my 17th birthday was like…last month! (well, it feels like it at least!) this year has FLOWN…we’re gettin our senior rings when we come back from spring break (april 21st!) and we’ll hafta take senior pics and stuff soon *gasp* i don’t wanna turn 18…so much…responsibility and stuff. i don’t mind the responsibility, but it just makes me feel so…OLD! i do wanna vote tho, i can’t wait for that! i turn 18 JUST in time for elections! big grin

ok…enough procrastinating..i hafta get rolling with this stupid thing….*thinking positively* all i hafta do is finish this essay and i’m in SPRING BREAK!!!