thanks for all ur comments, today was a MUCH better day…woke up late, watched cartoons all mornin, took a walk on the beach to look for sea glass….took some pictures…went out to get lunch, did some shoppin, relaxed….nice and calm…

now i’m just veggin in front of the TV and i’m gonna dye some easter eggs later.

if i don’t get a chance to blog tomorrow (which i prolly won’t cuz i don’t think anything good will happen between now and tomorrow mornin…)

hoppy easter!

have fun and don’t eat too much chocolate (only cadbury creme eggs are acceptable! god i love those things!)


[edit] ok i did my eggs…they came out so purtious! i changed quack to eggs in the cam thingy on the side…here are a few other pics too, i’m so proud of my eggs! lol hehe

ooo did i mention i bought a scanner @ best buy yesterday? i had a scanner that someone gave me cuz they weren’t using it, but it just decided to crap out on me about a month ago. i *heart* my new scanner satisfiedit’s a HP has a negative scanner in it too which is QUITE awesome! i was trying to figure out how it works…it’s REALLY cool, it actually flips the pic like u do on an enlarger and then scans it… so cool big grini needed it to scan a lot of my pics and make copies and stuff so it’s a good deal… only cost me like 30 bucks cuz i had a gift card! woohoo!

ooo and i bought friends season 7! lol i’m all up to date. i’ll probably watch it when i get home, probably on sunday if i’m all caught up on homework.

so yah, enough of my rambling…have a good easter!

[edit #2] i decided finally to put up my room pics here: My Room hope ya like em! lemme know if u have any other ideas! cool eh?