well hope ya had a good easter! i didn’t get my cadbury creme eggs…so ya know i’m headin out to the store the 1st chance i get! lol
easter was pretty good, the usual. easter isn’t one of my fave holidays, it’s pretty boring cept for the jelly beans and cadbury eggs.
i’m @ my grandmas now…nothin interesting there.
my dog is sleepin on my feet like a lazy bum…lol
i have SOO much to do before school starts again, but i’m soo not in the mood to do it!
anyway…not much to say today….oo! yah! i got the auto plugger thing to work! big grin
o yah…
now i’m trying to figure out what kinda car to get…
a VW New beetle or a toyota corolla? i can’t figure it out…its’ a tough one. they’re both the same price, they both have pretty much the same features….which should i get?? tough decision…