well, spring break is winding down…

i have a crapload of HW to do today cuz i’m goin to this pharmacy thing tomorrow and saturday, so i won’t have time to do it then.

yesterday was fun. came home from the shore (1st time driving on the parkway, that was fun!) unpacked most of my crap, then i was bored outta my mind. wizz and her friends were just driving around being bored, so i met up with them. we ended up staying out til 11! lol we went bowling, then we drove back and forth across town prolly about a billion times, a few stops here and there. then we went down to 1st street and went in a parking lot, cuz wizz’s friend renea has a portable DVD player, so we just stuck it on the dashboard and attempted to watch a movie. we proly watched like…10 min of it then wizz remembered she hadta go home for something @ 8…so we were @ wizz’s for like an hour. then we went for chinese food…that was a pain in the arse! we tried to find this 1 chinese restaurant, which it turns out, closed down, so we tried to go to this other one, but changed our minds, and went to a different one uptown. renea found a parking spot (well, i found it and let her have it! lol) in like 2 seconds, wizz and i drove around for 20 min lookin for a spot! crazysooo annoying. we ended up parking like 2 blocks away…

that was about it! lol ate chinese, came home, went on the puter for a while, went out again to show my mom’s friend the car, then vegged on the puter again til like 2 am =o)

pretty good day (even tho it was raining the ENTIRE day) =o)

it’s still gross out today, i don’t think it’s raining tho, it’s just cloudy and cold. i’ll be reading all day n e way so it’s no big deal.

thanks to all the commenters!