ahhh for the past 2 nights i was up til who knows what time doing essays for english and history…sch a pain the confusedlol…but now they’re done…and i have like NO HW tonight cept to read Catcher in the Rye….woooohooo! such a relief!

so i found out yesterday that i’ll be going to Las Vegas for the NASC National Conference (that’s the National Association of Student Councils) in June! i’m so excited! i’ve never been to Las Vegas..or anywhere on that side of the country for that matter! lol

i ALSO found out that i got into RYLA which is this Rotary leadership conference…so i THINK i’ll be able to miss a week of school the 1st week of June…i’m not sure yet, i didn’t get the official letter with all the info in it.

so my june is gonna b busy busy busy! not counting exams and crap!

oo! and tomorrow we get our Graduation rings!!!!! yup yup! hehehehe…this is turning out to be a really good week!

oo so the pharmacy thing…i’m not gonna talk about the whole trip…lets just say it involved bowling, cold pizza, american idol, lots of talking, calamine lotion, and lots of food! we talked to the pharmacy students and stuff, and i’m actually kinda liking the career! it has a LOT of options and a LOT of $$!! hehe =o)

so yah, i’m in school and i don’tk now what else to say. i’m REALLLLLY behind on my provance, but i’ll hopefully have time tonight…hopefully.

oo! yah! and i got seat covers for my car! lol spongebob just like the rest of the accessories…it’s very cool in there i must say! cool eh?

anyway thanks for visiting thanks for the comments and happy tuesday! =o)