i’m @ work, and blogging…bad girl i know, but there’s nothing else to do! lol
i’m so pooped! i’ve had something to do every day of the week for the past…2 weeks! it’s crazy! today my friend lizz asked when we should hang out, cuz our little group hasn’t in a really long time…so i was looking for a weekend that i had free…turns out, i have NO free weekends til JULY 10th!!!!!!!! JULY 10th! that’s NUTS! and that might not even be free, who knows what else i’ll hafta schedule! it’s ridiculous! i have NO time for anything. well, not anything, cuz i do have time for a lot, that’s why i’m so busy, but i don’t have any time do to..other htings. like hang out with my friends, or whatever. so yah..lol i’m a lil angry about that, but i guess i’ll get over it cuz some of those weekends are spent doing fun things i guess.
other than that….i dunno what else is new. i’m really bored….and i have a stomach ache..lol
i guess i should go and look like i’m doing something useful…ttyl
thanks to the commenters!