well…another weekend down the tubes…lol
yesterday i took the SATs for the 2nd time, i hope i didn’t fnuck em up this time. sad i did decent last time, but definitely no where near i want to be. i think i did better on this one, the verbal section seemed a little TOO easy, which kinda scares me cuz maybe i just misinterpreted the whole thing? i’m usually awesome @ the verbal analogies tho, so we’ll see. scores are posted may 14 (the day of prom! lol)
what else? friday night i was @ work til late making up for the days i wasn’t there this week. then i remembered i had my camera in the trunk of my car…and i was pullin outta the parking lot @ work and the sky looked like it would have some awesome colors, so i decided to drive around and take some pics. i went to 16th street park..nothin good there, so i decided to go to Hudson County Park…got some decent shots too. i had 4 rolls that i hadta get developed so i ran up to CVS (also cuz i had SUCH a craving for a Dr. Pepper…but they didn’t have em!! so i went to 7-11..THEY didn’t have any either! so then i finally went to quick chek and got one..thank god! lol)
yesterday..took the SATs then went to get my prom dress measured cuz it hasta b takin in and crap. then i went up to broadway to find shoes..YAH RIGHT LOL ..ur lucky if u can find a white shirt in this town..SILVER SHOES…it’s impossible to find silver shoes! it’s not even a rare color! so i gave up and came home to amazon.com and ordered a pair from nordstroms. lets just hope they get in on time!
so i have a crapload of HW to do this weekend. i hafta write an essay for history…due on tuesday…argh…i also hafta read a buncha books (catcher in the rye…i’m still readin that one..it’s GOOD! lol i wanna finish it (1st time i wanna finish a book all year!)) then on wed i might be goin to the NJ National College Fair to see what’s up. it depends on how much work i hafta do @ school.
then…thurs and friday…APs… crazy i’m taking english literature and US History…english i’m not worries about too much..but history..i don’t know what i was thinking! i SUCK at history! shocked i don’t even do well on class tests…i dunno how the hell i’m gonna do an AP on it! i can’t remember all that crap! jeeez! it’s from like when the pilgrims came over til like NOW! crazy no way….i’ll just take it and laugh..at least i get out of class for 1/2 the day.
i registered for the SAT IIs in june…i don’t know which ones i wanna take yet. collegeboard.com says u can change ur mind the day of the test and take a different one, so i just put in any 3, and i’ll make up my mind later. i’m debating on if i wanna take the math or not. i know i’ll hafta eventually, but i dunno if u should take it now or next year? so right now i’m registered for Writing, Literature, and US History (this history should be easier than the AP i hope!) confused
so yah…that’s this week in a nutshell..next weekend i hafta do my last minute prom stuff – final fittings, get some jewelry or something and makeup and that sorta stuff…then the week after is prom…eep
ooo! i forgot to mention!! i’m runnin for student council president!! big grin yep yep. vote for jenn (if u go to my school! lol) i’m runnin against this other kid that i went to LTC with last summer and who i’m goin to the National conference with this summer… so hopefully i’ll do well. elections are on May 21 (which sucks, cuz i was gonna take that day off cuz of Zootopia…but i guess i’ll just hafta go and rush to NYC to get there for the concert!)
Zootopia isn’t lookin too hot this year. it’s indoors 1st of all…tehre’s no trendfest…well there is, but it’s not in the same venue, which sucks. and there’s only like…8 performers…maybe even less…last year there were like 13!! and the tickets were a LOT more expensive…i don’t wanna NOT go…but i don’t really feel like its worth goin either. at least some good people will be there..maroon 5, liz phair…then some ghetto kinda performers (actually a bunch..i HATE rap…this is gonna b stupid)
anyway..that’s about it i think? i’m pretty much all caught up on my provance commenting so now i guess i’ll just start my HW…and clean my room…i haven’t seen the floor all week!
thanks for visiting and thanks to the commenters! big grin