well…its the weekend again. god what a draining week this was! monday i had student council and stuff, then work, no big deal. then i hadta write an essay that took me FOREVER cuz i had no idea what i was doing to hand in on tuesday. tuesday was pretty much the same i think..i don’t really remmeber anything from it…feels like it was a month ago. wednesday i didn’t go to school cuz i had APs on thursday and i wanted to study for the history one…moron i am, i thought that thursday was the USAP exam…but noooo it was ENGLISH! and i didn’t find that til i walked in the morning of the test..good thing i wasn’t planning on studying for english anyway! so we took the test…there were 10 of us..all from Honors (geeks, i know) then we went to cafe for a period and just hung out til 6th period when i hadta go to spanish. we were supposed to watch a movie…but i kinda fell asleep..that test is SOOOOOOo draining…it just sucks the life outta ya! it’s not even that hard…well the english isn’t, but it’s just..long.
so i slept thru the entire period 6th and then 7th i had a study…which i was planning on sleepin in again, but i got called to my photography class for some good news. a pic i submitted to this newspaper contest won and i hadta do a lil interview ma bob and take a pic. now i’m in the running to win a free digicam and my pic is gonna b published in the jersey journal on monday. cool stuff. then last night and after school i hadta do some ambassador stuff AND of course watch the friends finale! i was HYSTERICAL crying! o man….it wasn’t the show that made me sad…lol it was the fact that it was over…i mean. the ending was kinda predictable, everyone knew ross and rachel would end up together…but the part that got me was @ the end when they started walking out to central perk for the last time and the panned the apartment with no furniture and stuff in it…i was BAWLING. i dunno what i’m gonna do on thursday nights now!
today was another AP….history this time obviously! lol i think i bombed it. history isn’t exactly my strong point. luckily tho, today the principal let the kids that took the AP go home early, so about 8 of us went out to eat and stuff…good times. then i went to work…and here i am now…exhausted and starving! lol
i just had a pizza delivered and i’m gonna veg in front of my TV and watch friends season 7 on DVD and that’s about it. i hafta go shopping tomorrow for a mothers day gift and do an essay cuz on sunday we’re goin down to my grandma’s house for mother’s day.
then the week begins again, only this week is prom week! AHHHHHhhh well, who knows what kinda time i’m gonna have next week to blog, it seems i’m on the weekend plan. lol thanks for commenting and all the good lucks on the SATs lol…scores come out on friday (the day of prom..how convenient :plainsmile anywayy….have a good week ttyl