well…tonight is the junior prom! i’m gonna keep this entry really short cuz i have a manicure and i’m not very good @ typing with such long nails! lol
but yah…got my SAT score today..i went up 100 points in a month! i’m so happy! i think i’ll take it one last time next year just to see if i can get higher, but i’m kinda happy where i’m @ now, i have a good shot at a buncha good schools
so now i’m just sitting around waiting to go to my hair appointment @ 3….another hour! lol i feel like i’m not making good use of my time, but whatever…lol prom starts @ 8…so suj will b here around 6:30 then a bunch of us are goin to the park to take some pics and stuff then we’ll head over to the place that we’re havin our prom. i dunno if i’m excited…i don’t really like to dance and stuff, but i should b pretty fun!
ooo this week i decided to try out for Bye Bye Birdie, the summer play @ school. i was PETRIFIED cuz to audition u hafta get up on stage and sing a solo. if u know me u know i dno’t like to sing…cuz i can’t. i went on monday night cuz my friend forced me to. i sat around the whole time waiting for my turn, and when it finally came i chickened out and idn’t do it. i got really mad @ myself for bein such a chicken tho cuz i really wanted to b in the play, but i didn’t wanna sing by myself on stage in front of a lot of people i know, but i finally got up the guts and did it on tuesday night. i have NO idea where the voice came from, cuz i never sounded like that in my entire life, but it came out pretty good! i should find out if i got in the play or not by…tomorrow i think? at least it’ll b something for me to do over the summer, cuz i don’t think i got into that william & mary program (thankfully, i hate history! lol) so this should take up a good chunk of my vacation and i won’t just sit around the house and veg all day. i aways said i wanted to try out for a play, but i was always either too busy or too chicken, but i’m glad i ifnally did it! lol
so yah..that’s about it for the weekly blog! lol i can’t wait for sunday so i can sleep a lil! lol we might be goin to 6 flags tomorrow (it’ll b my 1st time on a roller coaster! ahh!) all next week is crazy…zootopia and student council elections on friday, and all sorts of other stuff…
summer can’t come quick enough!
anyway…this tying is really gettin on my nerves. thanks for visiting and sorry i haven’t been commenting in all the commenters’ blogs, i haven’t been home lately! lol hehe