oops, looks like i forgot to do my usual weekend entry! lol…nothin really interesting lately, i spent all day saturday sitting in my room trying to find someone to go to IKEA with…never ended up going.

sunday i went to ikea tho, bought a buncha cool stuff for my room. i’ll take pics later when my room’s all clean and stuff

i’m gettin an AC in my room today! wooohooo! i haven’t slept in my room since the warm weather hit cuz it’s WAAAAAYY too hot in there. it’s the only warm room in the house, which is good in the winter, but torture in the summer!

other than that, not much else new i don’t think, STUCO meeting after school, whopee..

I WANT POPTARTS! i’ve had the BIGGEST craving for poptarts for like a week now, after STUCO today i’m goin to buy some. strawvberry (the one with the icing and fun sprinkles) and hot fudge sundae. yep yep, that’s what i’m havin for dinner! lol

hmm…what else? i think that’s about it. i hafta go get something to wear for Turner’s sister’s bat mitzvah on saturday, what does one wear to a bat mitzvah? and i hafta get a gift….(what does one give the bat mitzvah person?) this should b interesting, i’ve never been to one of these things…

anyway…school’s almost over…i guess i’ll end here since i don’t have anything else to say, at least i don’t think i do. lol…thanks to all the commenters!