well, school’s almost over for me! lol i have a field trip tomorrow, so no school, then i’m back in school on friday, then i’m out the whole next week for RYLA then i come back and we have our class trip to great adventure then i have exams the whole week, then that’s it…i’m done….

we already finished history essays pretty much, one more inclass tomorrow then NO MORE HISTORY ESSAYS!! i can’t tell u how much of a relief it is! even tho we still have the exam itself, but we already have the essay done for that. i hafta take my computers exam on friday, a week before everyone else. that’s gonna stink, but it shouldn’t b too hard. english is gonna b torture. spanish is gonna b pretty bad too. photography is gonna b pathetic and mole bio should b interesting and precalc…we’ll see about that one lol.

but yah….i’m pretty much done! lol

i can’t believe i made it thru this year…it wasn’t as hard as i thought it was gonna b, but it definitely wasn’t easy. now i just have a few final things to take care of, final assignments and exams and stuff then THAT”S IT! i made it thru my junior year…not too shabby! lol

what else is new? work is almost done, i finish work the last day of exams, but i dunno if i’m gonna work that whole last week cuz after exams we can leave school (at like…1:11) so i might go out with friends and have fun and stuff like go to the movies or lunch or whatever….i don’t really wanna go to work lol

so yah, i’m in computers and i’m bored….i finished this “really hard final program” that we hadta do, it was pathetic.

the bat mitzvah was fun….i actually danced…which is REALLY odd for me, i NEVER dance…

that’s about it i guess…i have SAT IIs on saturday, i’m prolly gonna take writing, literature, and the 1st section of math…

so i’m gonna go, i’m enjoying watching my friend argue with her ex on AIM…lol…it’s like a soap opera! lol ttyl thanks for commenting!