june 4th 2004 is officially erased from my memory…man…when days are bad they’re BAD….

lets just say it involved my wallet being stolen and my f-ing up my puters exam cuz i wasn’t focusing on it

but yah..today’s another day…which i had my SAT IIs. the writing section was pretty derned easy and the math was a lot easier than i expected it to be, til the last few pages (like 10 problems!) when i was beyond clueless. the literature section was harder than the AP, which is kinda sad. i don’t think i did bad on it, but i’m not confident in it either. i wonder when we get those scores back…i should check….june 18…not too far away lol i wonder when AP scores are available?! lol…mid july…that’s forever!

so i leave for RYLA tomorrow and i’ll b gone til…friday. i know u’ll miss me, but try to get along without me for a lil while lol

i don’t think i have much else to say, i hafta start packing, cuz it’s a whole week’s worth of clothes..that’s nuts! i had a huuge bag when i went to LTC and that was only 4 days! o wait…this one is 6…lol…and u don’t count clothes for sunday…so only 5…i can handle packing for that. i hafta head over to CVS in a lil while and buy some mini shampoos and maybe some fun munchies =o)

i hafta bring a TON of books with me too, cuz i have SOOOO much to do for my exams that i’m gonna miss this week, including 2 books for english…which are gonna b on the exam…and which sucks majorly. i think english is the 1st exam too….dern…

well, i think i’m gonna start gettin stuff together…thanks for commenting and have a good week!