well, it’s officially summer for me now, i’m all unpacked and relaxed. i love not having a care in the world! lol this is great =o) i am pretty bored, but that’s OK, it’s better than being totally stressed. i started my violin lessons again yesterday for the 1st time in years…it was fun, i’ve missed it! i’m reallllly rusty, but that’s ok, a lil practice should fix that up.
natalie and i decided it was time to offically close down FlavaOnline. It was fun, but neither of us were into it anymore and it was going abandoned..so it was time…but not to fear, we’re starting a new project ASAP. i can’t wait, i’m really excited for this one cuz it’s somethign i’m really passionate about. this time we’re keeping it top secret til it’s all done, but hopefully it’ll be all set by the beginning of september (HOPEFULLY…)
as for the rest of the summer, i’d really like to accomplish SOMEHTING…i don’t knwo what at the moment, but i want to do something. i can’t WAIT til my roadtrip next summer, i wish i could have done it this summer, but alas, i can’t drive out of state til december. i’d like to travel somewhere, but i guess my traveling will be done in my college visits..which is a project in itself because i have NO clue where i want to visit. i wish i had a TEENY clue about what i wanted to do with my life, but i don’t even have an inkling of an idea. it’s frustrating! i’ll spend most of august probably getting ready for school and getting in shape for volleyball…so this month i’m gonna take it easy.
i’m really excited for sunday, it’s our 1st big ry-union!! all of my RYLA friends are meeting up at this kid Josh’s house for a party. he has a pool and a hot tub and volleyball supposedly so i can’t wait. i’m drivin marlyn and JJ there, so the car ride should be fun too hehe then on the 19th we have our NEXT RY-union at GREAT ADVENTURE!! yepyep, i’m especially excited about this one cuz i did a LOT of the planning and mama ryla’s gonna b there! she rocks!
that’s about all i can think of at the moment. i reapplied to be a quilting bee..so hopefully i’ll be accepted and i can start to trade again. it’s a shame that i lose my whole quilt tho..but o well, i’m starting anew =o) i’m gonna try to get back into the web community again, i lost all my online friends over the school year cuz i was so busy and stuff, so i’m gonna try to get in touch with them/make some new ones this summer, i miss having people from all over to talk to =o)
so yah..thanks for visting, thanks for commenting, and i’m back to my usual updating so expect to see some new stuff scattered around the site (including a new sample of my handwriting, finally…) ttyl!