i saw spidey 2 today…unlike most of the world (at least i think) i was a little disappointed in it. The story was great, a lot more lovey-dovey than the last, but still good. I didn’t like how repetitive it got and how the better graphics made it look more unrealistic. In the 1st Spidey, it actually looked like they had a person swinging from building to building, not a computer image. Overall, it was decent tho.

RY-union yesterday at the Topp’s…that was an adventure and 1/2. It took me 3 hours to get to Haledon (normally a 40-50 min drive) we got caught in traffic for like an hour, then got lost for another…it was a nightmare. The party was fun, it was good to see my RY-friends again. Not everyone was there, unfortunately, but getting to see the people that DID come was so worth the 3 hours! I can’t wait til six flags! less than a week away! =o)

after i got back from the movie i was determined to get my message board up. Thanks for ur input to my last commenters, i decided on Tastic Boards…it seems to be working out pretty well. here’s the address, sign up!


It’s not TOTALLY done of course, i’ll add some forums and take some away depends on what everyone seems to like, but enjoy! i can’t wait to get some members! haha =o)

anyway, that’s it for now, i’m gonna go tweak around the board a lil more! thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments!