i’m making it a point not to use “tired” as an answer for my mood anymore…i hafta learn some new adjectives and get some new moods! heheh =o)
had my violin lesson today, progress is good thankfully cool eh?
and FINALLY, after months and months of leaving it all broken and crappy, i fixed ALL of my content pages! yep yep! there should be NO MORE BROKEN images!! if there are PLEEEASE let me know, cuz i’m pretty sure i got everything, but ya never know! enjoy all the content, it’s back! =o) i’m gonna try to get some tutorials and things up again, but that’ll take some time so i dunno how fast that’s gonna happen =o) also back is my Ask A Question box..under the …jenn section on the right. =o) ask away
i found out about this new friday five kinda thing called the Daily Dirt, so i figure i’ll try it out, it’ll give me a reason to blog every day and more to talk about than just my daily happenings..here goes:
Daily Dirt

  1. Do you have a crush?


  1. Do you think you’re in love right now?


  1. Have you told that person you loved them?

no, i’m very selective with the use of the word love.

  1. Does the person know you have a crush on them or are in love with them?

i’m pretty sure he knows..i’m not in love with him though

  1. What do you look for in a love/crush?

loyalty, personality, intelligence (doesn’t hafta be a mega genius, but at least know what’s going on in the world), humor, manners, etc

so yah..that’s my daily dirt, i’m gonna try to keep up with that for at least the rest of the summer…we’ll see how that goes! lol Tastic is going pretty well, gettin some new members, lots of new posts and things, go sign up and tell a friend! =o)

so that’s all for now i think, i’m gonna try to come up with some new content and maybe try to come up with a new layout *shudder* thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments! u rock hehebig grin