lol..u kno, i just realized that almost every time i’ve blogged for the past…forever, my mood has been tired… is that saying something? either i’m just perpetually tired or i just always seem to blog when exhaustion hits.
so the Tastic Boards are open! startin to get some members and posting! i’m very excited! hehe…go sign up! =o)
i just got back from the shore, went to visit my grandma and some of my mom’s friends…how i’m home and pooped. i have violin lessons tomorrow, then i’ll prolly work on MAYBE a new layout for this site or maybe a new theme for Tastic. I hesitate in creating a new layout for forever-digital because this one really speaks for my state-of-mind lately, and everyone seems to still like it, so maybe it will stay up for a bit longer. If u haven’t noticed, i added a links section as well as a joined section to the little boxes on the right. I plan on linking my friends and daily visitors there. I also updated my quilt after being reinstated as a Bee =o). I updated the “about this site” page in the site section as well as cleaned up my link exchanges page, also in the site section. i’m in the process of cleaning out my cliques page, i’m thinking of just deleting them all and starting fresh, since i’m not really into the things i was into when i first made that page.
what else? i’m not sure! hehe…i’m trying to come up with some new content for the me section as well as the amusements section…but that isn’t going to well, i’m having a content-block.
o about going out on a tangent…anyway…after lessons i’m gonna veg in front of the puter and work on sites and talk to people etc…then…friday-sunday do random things i guess? monday is the RYLA great adventure adventure…HOPEFULLY it’s not going to rain, forecast says otherwise, but i’ll hope for the best.
i also plan on starting some of my college essays, and i’m in a rather reflective mood lately, so i guess it would be a good time to write my personal statement and that sort of thing…they’re gonna take some thought tho..i guess if i’m rained in teh house all weekend i’ll work on that…
but yah..that’s about all for now…it’s now july 15th lol, so i can add 2 more patches to my quilt =o) (oh how i look forward to this part of the night!! i have a line of patches waiting to be added!) anyway, thanks for visiting, thanks to my 9 commenters (that’s more than i’ve had in a while for a 2 day blog!) and good night!