1st off: the daily dirt:

  1. How strong are you?

how am i supposed to measure that? lol, i guess i’m pretty strong, i can move my bed on my own..lol

  1. Have you got muscles/pecs/etc?

i have muscles..

  1. Have you carried an adult?

i’ve carried my mom…lol

  1. Can you do a hand stand?

in the pool! =o)

  1. Is ok for a female to be stronger than her male counterpart?

i guess?

wow that was a boring daily dirt! lol

as for the rest of the day, pretty boring as well. i don’t even know what i did all day! i know i spent a good portion of the day walking back and forth to the mailbox to see if we had mail yet..i talked to nat, she’s in quebec…i’m gonna call her again in about….10 min cuz she forgot to sign herself off of MSN on a public computer (smart, eh?) it should be interesting considering the person that answers the phone only speaks french and in my last attempt to say Natalie sil vous plait she couldn’t understand me..which i don’t get…i was very articulate! ahh…i’ll try again..lol

i also wrote a long email to Turner, we’ve been slacking in the email department since freshman year, so we have a bit of catching up to do…i also helped him build a laptop for this girlfriend on dell.com…still goin with that…

i dunno what else….jeez..what the heck DID i do today!?!? talk about a waste of a day! o well, better than going to school lol…that’s all for now. thanks to my commenters and go visit Tastic!