sorry i didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday…2 daily dirts to catch up on!

This is Saturday’s

1. Do you like school? Why?

kinda-sorta. i like it cuz it occupies my time, gives me some of a social life, and i guess teaches me some things. i don’t like it cuz it can be a waste of time and is the cause of a lot of stress and pressure

2. What is your favorite subject?

i really don’t have one. i tend to like my art-type classes, only because there is very little pressure there and i can just..relax and be creative.

3. If you could invent 1 subject, what subject would you invent?

INVENT??? that’s tough…i don’t really know. if i could bring 2 subjects to my school it would be a REAL webdesign class and a leadership/student council class

**4. Do you prefer wearing home clothes or uniforms to school?

i’ve never had to wear a uniform, so i guess home clothes is my only experience and therefore my preference

5. Would you rather study in an all girls/guys school or a mixed school?

i think mixed gives you better opportunity for socialization as well as takes away a lot of the cliquey-ness that tends to occur in an all-girls school.

and this is today’s:

1. breakfast: pancakes or eggs?

cereal actually, but if i had to choose, pancakes. although i prefer to eat pancakes at night lol

2. orange juice, coffee, or other?

orange juice makes me break out. occasionally i’ll have a cappucino from starbucks, but i’m not really a big coffee person. i rarely drink anything in the morning…but i do like apple juice once in a while

3. lunch: eat out or brown bag it?

it depends on where i’m going. school: brown bag it. if i’m going to be someplace that i know has decent food, then i’ll buy

4. dinner: eat out, order in, or cook it yourself?

i LOVE to order in, but i also like home cooked food, mom’s spaghetti is the best!

5. favorite snack food?

it depends on my mood really. i like nacho chips tho =o)

today (well, i guess it’s yesterday now) was an interesting day…quite interesting lol. went out to Komegasi too for sushi for dinner, then went to bed bath and beyond and got a new pillow, a new garbage can, and razzles (i love those things!) after i finish cleaning my room tonight, i’ll take inventory of what i may need to pick up in my excursion to linens-n-things tomorrow (go 20% off coupon!) i know i need a book shelf of some sort, a place to put things on! lol i also need a lamp or something for under my bed and maybe something to organize all the papers on my desk.

that’s all i can really come up with to blog about right now. 1 more day til six flags. i hafta make some phone calls tomorrow cuz some people didn’t tell me what they wanted for lunch… i can’t wait to see everyone! i’ve been plannin this thing for months now! =o))) i just hope it doesn’t rain, even tho it would be fun either way.

yepper, so i’m gonna get back to cleaning my room. thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, and go visit TASTIC! =o)

oo yah! and i got a Cozy Quilt Award from the quilting bee click on the bee in my navigation to OOOOoooh and Aaahhhh at it =o) ca