ok, so i cheated and i used another word for tired, but this time i REALLY am!! after goin to sleep at like..2AM..(long story, i’ll get to that soon) i hadta get up at 5:30 to go to six flags for our RY-UNION! lol the trip was awesome, we had tons of fun….i didn’t go on too many coasters, but i enjoyed myself.

as for last night…o jeebus… rolls eyes(notice the new smilies? i’m loving them!) so i got back from…somewhere…i don’t remember…oo! foodshopping with my mom and i decided i’d had it with trying to fix my printer on my own, i’ll call dell phone support and try to see if they can help me (i already knew they couldn’t but hey, wishful thinking) so i call, i’m on the phone with the guy for like an hour and 1/2 and his solution: call HP (the printer company)…so i had already called HP about a week ago after reformatting my puter the 1st time and it wouldn’t install my printer. turns out that my printer isn’t under warantee any more so they can’t help me unless i pay em $30. well i had no choice but to do that…so i called em back and charged the $30 to my mom’s credit card. i was on the phone with HP for 2+ hours…their solution: i can’t really help you, the only thing i can think of is to reformat ur puter again. $30 down the drain. so i reformatted again at around 11:30-12AM and now everything is just fine. i can’t get my scanner to install, but i’ll call HP, cuz they still owe me for that unresolved problem. that’s for another day, i can’t talk to those people any more, i’ll go insane

oo! and i bought myself a digital camera yesterday! yep yep! canon a80 i ahhh...loooveeeit! lol i took a bunch of pictures @ six flags today, i don’t think any are good enough for posting, especially since i’m not in any of them and i don’t really want to plaster my friends’ faces all over the internet without them knowing, so let’s just leave it at…AWESOME quality! i think i’m in love =o)

so that’s all for my new news. lol thanks for the comments and stuff! i love my visitors lol (i’m in a very loving mood today, can u tell? lol)

oo yah and i got my AP scores abck today!! woohoo! i’m SOO happy cuz i passed US history! lol i got a 3…not bad, not bad, and in English Lit i got a 4 yippee! =o)

oo and here’s my daily dirt:

1. What is your dream job?

i don’t really know right now. at least not what the specific job is. i know a lot of the characteristics i WANT in my job…but nothing that would lead me to a particular career. My dream job would allow me to run my own buisness, work with children, travel the world, help children in other countries, be creative, and still leave me with enough time to raise a family and that kind of thing

2. But then again, what is a more realistic job that is in your reach?

i’m not really sure. i believe that everything is within reach if you try hard enough

3. Do you have a job?

i wouldn’t really consider it a job. i have a few things i do, that i get paid for, like web design, some random things with sports leagues in my school district, and my after school work at a grammar school, but they’re not really jobs to me, they’re more like…getting paid to do regular things.

**4. Have you ever lied to get a job, and if you haven’t had an interview yet,

would you?**

i wouldn’t want a job on false pretenses, lies just get bigger and bigger and it’s hard to keep track of them after a while. you’re better off telling the truth, even if it hurts your chances

5. When preparing for a job interview, do you try to sway their desicion by bringing them presents? If you haven’t had an interview yet, do you think this is a good idea?

no. if i’m meant to get a job, i’ll get it on my qualifications alone. i don’t think a gift would make my chances any better. i’m usually REALLY good with interviews, so something like a gift i don’t really think is necessary.

thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments! =o)