well i just got back from my grandma’s…i drove down there on…tuesday..nothin special……

now i’m home, had my violin lesson..and now i’m gonna start lookin thru some websites to see waht colleges i’m gonna go visit before school starts…

u can tell summer is winding down (even tho we’re just about at the 1/2 way point…) i’m starting to get things for ambassadors and freshman orientation and stuff in the mail. i also got the date for my senior portrait – aug 13th which means i hafta get to the beach and get a tan or somethin! lol

that’s about all that’s new…tonight i’ll prolly clean up my room or something, i’m in a constructive kinda mood, so maybe i’ll go to the rag shop and buy some photo albums, i have picture envelopes coming out the wazoo and i need to put em somewhere.

that’s all for now…onto the daily dirt (another 2 days at a time)

this is wednesday’s

1. Do you use an Instant Messenger?

ooo of course!

2. If yes, what one?

AIM, MSN messenger and occasionally ICQ

3. How many contacts do you have?

358 on AIM…about….8 on MSN lol

ooo boy, dare i count?..yes i do…

4. Do you talk to school friends online?

ooo yah

5. What is your favourite IM?


and this is today’s:

actually, i decided not to do today’s cuz i didn’t like the questions, somethin about king arthur kinda stuff…boring! and i’m not too familiar with it n e way

well i’m off to help a friend with puter probs…ttyl thanks for the comments! =o)

[edit] woohooo my new hostee LOZ just opened up a clique! check it out http://soda.forever-digital.net enjoy!