hey hey hey. what’s up? lol i dunno what that was for, i couldn’t figure out another way to start out the blog! lol =o) nothin really new today, i played some sims, watched some TV, did a lot of sleeping lol. i was supposed to go out today but it rained like ALLLLLL freakin day!! crazybut ya…that’s about it! lol i’m watchin home fries now… here’s my daily dish…

1. Do you like your name? Why or why not?

sure it’s OK…a little TOO common…but it’s fine. i couldn’t imagine myself with another name…but i would like to have a more original one.

**2. If you could change the spelling of your name, would you? And what might you change it to?

nah, i think Jennifer spelled any other way looks kinda strange…

3. If you could change your whole name, what would you change it to?

lol..i guess i kinda answered this in the 1st question. i dunno, i like the name elizabeth, but i couldn’t imagine myself as an elizabeth….i guess if i had the opportunity to change my name, i wouldn’t, just because i wouldn’t know what to change it to! lol

4. What girls’ name do you like?

lol..i keep answering these things in the rong place! like i said, i like the name Elizabeth. I also like the name Kayleigh and well..a lot of other names, so i won’t start listing them all…

5. What boys’ name do you like?

i like classic names for boys, Michael, Matthew, Christopher, Paul, Patrick, etc..but i also like names like Jared and Ryan etc….

i have a few Ask A Questions sitting in my inbox..so i guess i’ll answer those while i’m around..lol

which is easiest for you to use on your layouts? tables or divs?

it depends on what ur trying to do really. in my old layouts i used div layers, because they were graphic layouts and i wanted everything to line up with the graphic. but in this layout i use tables, because it’s a PHP setup.

What is the meaning of life?

LOL!! i guess if i knew the answer to this i wouldn’t be here right now. i would be out pursuing it… but since i HAVE to give a real answer i guess the meaning of life is a pursuit of goals that will better yourself while bettering your surroundings and the world.

if a tree falls on a mime in the middle of the forest, does anyone care?

(that was turner’s question..) of course someone cares…that mime has to have family somewhere.