well…it’s a miracle..i cleaned my room! lol it’s not as organized as i’d like it to be, but if i clean it up ENOUGH then i can go to linens and things and buy all the cool stuff i saw today! (and if i find a way to get some $$!! lol) but yah, i wanna get a bean bag chair, some cool lights and shelves and things…it was all SO cheap (good thing for dorm season! hehe) cool eh? anyway, so that’s pretty much what i did today…
i don’t get it..i went to the daily dish site..and there were 2 sets of questions i didn’t answer..i don’t remember missing a day…strange…
anyway…since i missed a day…here’s sunday’s:
WAIT A MINUTE! today is sunday! that’s why! i’m not going crazy! they have monday’s questions posted too! ahhhaaaa blush
lol well i’ll leave those for tomorrow
today’s answers are going to be boring too…sorry!

1. Which is better: Roswell or Smallville?

i’ve never seen either of them

2. La Femme Nikita or Alias?

haven’t seen either of these either!

3. One Tree Hill or The OC?

ONE TREE HILL! only cuz i’ve seen like..2 episodes of the OC..it didn’t catch my attention..

4. Xena or Hercules?

haha, i haven’t seen these either!

5. Angel or Buffy?

haven’t seen em!!!

told ya they would be boring! lol my last commenter asked for the URL to daily dish. i really should b linking to it every day, but i’m such a lazy bum..here ya go:


anyway…that’s all for now. hopefully the next time i blog there will b a beanbag chair in my room!! hehe =o) thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting!