yepp..i knew i should have posted monday’s questions in the last blog, cuz now i’m THREE days behind! rolls eyes so my mom let me start up my sims online subscription again…let’s just say i’ve been a TEEEENY bit addicted… blush yah..i’ve been playing from sunup to sundown…and almost sun up again! lol last night i was on til 4 in the mornin! no clue why!
so yah…it’s been rainy and gross for like 2 weeks now! what is this!? it’s supposed to be summer. u just watch..the week school starts it’s gonna b GORGEOUS out. angry, grr there’s been thunder and lighting ALL night! it’s creepin me out! a tornado even hit south jersey…we NEVER get tornadoes! i think mother nature is getting a little senile..she’s forgetting that summer means sun and weather in the 90s-100s and intense humidity…well the humidity is here sometimes…

i didn’t get to buy all the fun stuff for my room yet, mainly cuz i’m broke…but my room IS clean! woot! but i saw a commercial on TV and it seems like target has some cool room stuff i saw some of it when i went to the grand opening of the target around here on monday…so maybe i’ll take a little trip over there to see what’s up….lol. the stuff looked really cute! i kno i want a beanbag chair…maybe some shelves and some lights…then i think i’m pretty much

so tomorrow..i’m not plannin on doin n e thing, thursday i’m goin to six flags again. it gets more and more boring every time. the time i went with school in june was awesome, cuz it was my 1st time there, but there isn’t much to do once u see everything…so this time should be…fun? lol..not.. friday-sunday i’m gonna ambassador for bye bye birdie @ school…then next week…is nothin again! lol…maybe some college visits?

ok time for my 3 days worth of questions! lol

these are monday’s:

1. Ever met someone weird?

OO yah..

2. How about eating weird stuff?

nah if it’s weird i won’t eat it!

3. What’s the weirdest incident you’ve encountered?

lol…incident?? i dunno..situation…yah…

4. Weirdest stuff you’ve seen?

what the heck kind of questions are these!?

5. Are you weird? my own way =o)


**1. What basic religion are you?


2. What denomination/sect/etc are you?


3. How do you feel about evolution?

i believe in it

4. What do you think of Wicca & Wiccans?

i don’t really understand/know much about the religion so i can’t say

5. Do you like Greek/Roman/Norse or Native American mythology better?

i’ve only read greek and roman and i’ve heard some native american..of all i like native american better..the stories are more fun and if someone good is telling them ur just captivated.

annnd wednesday! lol ok so i’m a little early, but TECHNICALLY it’s wednesday so here goes:

1. Do you fold or scrunch your toilet paper?

scrunch lol

2. Which body part do you wash first in the shower?


3. How often do you take a bath?

a BATH?? rarely…i don’t even remmeber my last bath…

4. How long do you take in the shower and/or bath?

depends on what kinda rush i’m in. anywhere between 5 min and an hour.

5. Soap or shower gel?

soap. shower gel if i’m traveling, but i just don’t feel clean! lol i mean, it hasta b leavin SOMETHING on u to leave u with a smell!

ok so that’s it! lol thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting and have a smileday!