yep…went to great adventure today (aka six flags) i have 1 word for u…BORING! the lines were FOREVER partly because it was the 1st nice day in weeks, and partly because it’s the end of july and a lot of summer day camps are taking their final trips etc. so yah…i went on ONE ride…well, 2 if u count the ferris wheel…and the ride was the LOG FLUME! not even a coaster!

i just wanna clear 1 thing up from my blog yesterday based on the commenters lol…i didn’t actually SEE the tornado, it was in south jersey, i’m in north jersey…it knocked out a part of a mentally handicapped facility for adults and some other building. no one was killed or anything luckily.

the sims online…i can’t get away from it!! lol i’ve been up til WHO KNOWS what time every night just playing! lol if u play TSO, my name is Kayleigh S on there and i live in Blazing Falls. look me up! it costs like…$9.95/month or something to play which is REALLY cheap compared to other online games. it’s a lot of fun. believe me! lol

i get my blog questions from 2 places: from my little Ask A Question box and the Daily Dirt site (the link is on the side bar..under friends)

ok so here’s today’s questions:

1. What is your earliest memory?

i don’t really know..i have a lot of memories from when i was little, but i don’t really know what the earliest is…oddly enough, i THINK it might be getting my great grandmother’s slippers out from under the end table with my cousin when i was REALLY young..cuz she died when i was really young, so that hasta b it lol. i wonder sometimes if i confuse memories with recollections i get from lookin at a picture from when i was young.

2. And how old where you?

lol…i answered that above..i don’t have the slightest clue. i had to have been younger than 3-4

3. Who was your first friend that you remember?

this wasn’t my 1st friend, but the 1st friend that i remember playing with and stuff was this girl Laura from my preschool class. i wonder where she is now? lol

4. Who was your first elementary teacher?

Mrs. Hallas. I had her for Pre-K and Kindergarten =o)

5. What did you miss out on the most when you were younger?

CRAYONS!! lol i miss a lot about being younger, buying all those fun school supplies, getting to color in class and do fun projects, playing pretend with friends, dolls and that kinda stuff lol

yep yep so there’s my daily dirt!

i’ve been totally engrossed in the Democratic National Convention…another reason i’ve been up til the wee hours of the morning lol. i usually miss the speeches the 1st time around cuz i’m not by a TV or whatever, so i just watch it til like…5AM lol…i fell asleep before mrs. edwards’ (is her name elizabeth?) speech and i’m really mad cuz i wanted to see it! lol. i actually liked al sharpton’s speech. i don’t know why, i’m not a fan of his at all. i think it’s just his powerful (but sometimes obnoxious) delivery that does it for me that and the dry humor seemed to blend well together.

but yah..that’s about it for today lol. i THINK i answered all of my commenter questions…i hafta go play TSO (the sims online) now! always..thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, and have a smileday!