yeah, i’m still here! lol i’ve been so busy lately i haven’t even sat @ my puter! OR played the sims *gasp*

the carnival was this week, so i was there practically every day, even tho it was TERRIBLE! they had like…5 games…bleh! but it was fun hanging out with everyone again.

i also got DDR…(dance dance revolution)….let’s just say i’m addicted! lol. the 1st night i just did like the lessons and beginner’s mode. i finished all of those by the end of hte night and then the next night jeremy and lizz came over. jeremy brought his mat and we played for like…6 hours. then lizz and i went to best buy yesterday and bought another mat and she came over and we played for like…4 hours…it’s SUCH and addicting game!! but it’s good for ur legs! mine were KILLIN me yesterday mornin but i’m pretty OK now still a little sore!

that’s about all that’s new. i’m gettin some stuff together for the school year, student council, college searches, etc…

i think i’m finally settling on Cornell…i mean, i think it’s the best school for me, cuz i have NO clue what i wanna do and they have SOOOOOOOOO many majors available, i can go there and do anything i want…whereas if i went to another school and then decided i wanted to major in say…peace conflict and resolution (lol..random)…and the school didn’t have it…i’m kinda screwed. i wouldn’t have that prob @ cornell. plus i like the campus and the food is mm mm good! =o) i’m gonna apply to other schools obviously, but i think cornell is gonna b my #1 choice….

so yeah i think that’s about it..i can’t come up with anything…i have too many daily dirts to catch up on…so let’s say i skip em this time lol….thanks for visiting and thanks to my 19 commenters!! =o) u rock!