so the olympics started! (as if u didn’t already know) i’m hooked! lol i love watchin em…they’re so interesting! lol yesterday after watching the women’s beach volleyball game, i got the urge to go out and play, so i asked a few of my friends and we went down to the sand courts on 1st street…had some fun, got covered in sand, but fun nonetheless. we started to get tired of playin so we decided to go on the swings (there’s a playground right next to the sand courts) lol…i forgot how much swings scared me! but yeah…then they had this little saucer thingy…i don’t know how to explain it…so lemme look for a pic online…ahh the heck with it! lol i’ve been lookin for hours…but anyway…so i got into this little playground thingy…and my friend lindsay went in after me…i was 1/2 way across the bridge when i started to get attacked by bees!! i got EIGHT stings…OUCH! i couldn’t find a way out without goin thru the bees, the only way out was the way i came in, and lindsay was blocking that! so that ended volleyball for the day, i went home cuz my knee started to swell, i had 3 stings in 1 spot! besides that..i dunno what else is new…i think that’s about it! lol i’m mad @ DDR cuz i can’t get standard mode! lol every time i go to play i get a stomach’s prolly the food i’m eating before hand, but yeah…the only reason i learned light mode so quick was cuz i was playin against 2 other people, so i’m gonna hafta get them to come over again so i have some competition..that’s the only real way to learn!

oo! yeah! natalie’s home! lol finally! haven’t spoken to her TOO much, we’ve both been doin our own thing off the puter…i got so used to her NOT being online that when she is online, i don’t even realize it, nor do i just sit in front of the puter all day when she IS on, i’ve found other ways to amuse myself lol…i.e. hanging out with friends (can you believe it!? i’ve actually developed an inkling of a social life *gasp*)

so yeah..i think that’s about it….

tomorrow i’m starting conditioning for vball…bout time! lol and…what else? that’s about it! lol thanks for visiting thansk for commenting and have a smile day!