oh no..u kno waht this means..my blogs are gettin further and further apart…this can only mean..SCHOOL IS COMING!! angry, grr

angry, grr crazy crying lol…
Kasie commented: How DARE you go out and get an inkling of a life! Are you trying to make the rest of us feel bad?! ARE YOU?!

LOL!! i kno, i kno, i’m a bad bad person! but don’t worry, my life has disappeared! every day it’s somethign school related, volleyball, student council, shopping, etc etc etc…i haven’t hung out with non-volleyball people in…weeks! i feel bad cuz all of the people i hung out with all summer are taking 2nd seat….but they just hafta stand..this ALWAYS happens during vball season..to all of the players’ other friends! lol we hang out with each other for like 3 months straight, like every day, we don’t have time to hang out with our other friends til november!
today…is the 1st movie night of the season..yep yep! i’m quite excited! it’s Chinese Food Movie Night too…it doesn’t get any better! everyone is quite excited.

yeah..my bee stings are all gone for the most part, everything is just itchy where they’re healing, and actually, only on my arm, the others went away pretty quickly.

i started goin back to conditioning for volleyball..i have a renewed love for the sport, i don’t know what it is..a few weeks ago i was DREADING playing this year, just wishing i could get some sort of injury so i wouldn’t hafta deal with it this year, but ever since the olympics came on, i’ve wanted to play more and more cuz those girls are freakin AWESOME! not to mention i’ve taken a liking to the sand court, and it’s REALLY helped with my reflexes…all of that watching good players on TV has helped a bit, not in my setting, which is still like last year, but in my passing and stuff and defense kinda crap…and…the biggest shocker of all…i can actually HIT! yeah, it’s a miracle! lol not hard or anything, but i can spike! lol hey…i’m only 5’1-5’2 this is a BIG deal! it’s funny how i can jump higher than the girls that are like 4-6 inches+ taller than me sometimes…it’s rather amusing when all u see over the net is their fingertips and i get up to my wrist area! lol

what else is new? my 1st student council meeting is tomorrow @ mrs A’s…i’m excited! then on friday i have a meeting for adopt-a-homeroom…monday i have conditioning, tues i have an ambassadors meeting and i hafta go go guidance to get my schedule fixed, wednesday is freshman orientation, my 1st speech of the year (which i have yet to write! lol), thursday is…i dunno and friday is…i dunno either! lol then the next week is all get ready for school stuff, another speech, haircut…and *gasp*…school! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i don’t want to go back…like..i do, cuz i miss all of my friends and stuff, and i miss the whole routine of it, but i don’t want homework, and college applications, and all the jazz…

oh…i missed the championship beach VB game last night…i’m SOOOOOOOOOOO mad! i turned on the TV when i got home and it was the medal ceremony…SOOOO pissed argh! i watched EVERY SINGLE MATCH and i missed the most important…but i’m happy for misty may and kerry walsh, they’re freakin awesome! ahh…to be tall…lol

yeah i think i got everything covered in a rather long blog, i figure, if i do a long blog, it justifies me not blogging for a while! haha. so yeah, i hafta clean my room and all that jazz so thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting and have a smile day!