ok, i promised that i wouldn’t use any words that relate to being tired as my mood any more, but this time it most definitely fits. for the past…2-3 weeks i have been doing school things NON STOP, EVERY SINGLE DAY, except yesterday, which isn’t entirely true because i spent the later part of my night doing school stuff…
anyway…so yeah, i’ve had student council a few times, ambassadors a few times, i’ve had to give 2 speechs, i’ve had volleyball practice EVERY DAY, and more!
PHEW….glad school’s starting! it’ll give me a LITTLE more downtime in my schedule!
so tomorrow is the 1st day of school…i’m actually kind of excited…kind of lol i dunno, it’s going to be weird. senior year…179 school days away from graduation….EEP
what else has happened since i blogged? i visited my dad, at my aunt’s house in connecticut…i LOVE it there….what else what else? lol
i don’t really have much to blog about…so i’ll keep this one short i guess..

o yeah! i read the DaVinci Code yesterday!! GOOOOD BOOK! i have angels and demons too, i’m going to start that in a few days i think, i want to see how the days pan out to see if i have time to start it now.

so yeah, that’s all i can think of @ the moment…i’m pooped!! thanks to my 11 commenters in the last blog! and thanks to whoever comments in this blog! have a good 1st day of school if u didn’t already have it! =o)