well the scarecrow layout was short lived! lol i think it was up for about…a day! lol

i like this one..it’s fun, it’s bright…not too complicated, just lots of colors haha. hope u like it too smilethis blog will be short cuz it’s like 2:30 in the mornin and i hafta get to bed lol! but yeah..there’s a new layout and i’ve updated a few things here and there, like my desktop…my qbee quilt…my dorm packing list and some other random stuff around…

that’s about all i can think of at the moment. I was talking to my cousin who’s at Fordham in NYC a few min ago…she said it was snowing a lil bit. i find that hard to believe since i’m basically right by her and it’s just really cold here! (and the moron that i am, i have my window open! lol…but i hate when it gets stuffy!) who knows…it’s supposedly snowing in scranton too…in november! lol fun! =o)

so i sent out my 3rd of 5 applications today….2 more to go and lots of scholarship essays. it’s not as much work as i thought i would be, it’s actually kind of fun

anyway…i’m gonna go! thanks to my 3 commenters! oh and gina, i’ve never gotten that snapple cap!! new fact for me! thanks!