ahh…no school tomorrow…well technically today lol! thankfully! i don’t think i could have made it thru another day! i slept practically thru all of my classes today. i had a calc test…i think i did pretty well…i don’t htink i’ve ever studied harder for a test than i did for this one…and the best part is, i still remember it! normally, once i hand in the test paper, i forget everything that we had to know for it in the 1st place!

crazybut yeah…hopefully i got a good grade! today was the last day of the marking period, but we won’t get report cards til the end of nov. the grades i know so far are 95 in English, at least an 81 in AP bio, at least a 90 in calc, prolly 100 in PE, most likely a 100 in photography, physics should be in the 90s too i think…psychology…mid-high 90s, advanced creative writing i should have like a 99.5 lol. and i think that’s all of my classes? not a bad report card, cept for the AP bio part, but it’s a MAJORLY tough class. now let’s just hope my ranking goes up!

anyway…i came home from school today before 3:00 for the first time in at least a year! it was great! i came in…checked my email, waited for my mom to get home like 15 min later, and then plopped on my floor and took a nap until like 6:30! it was great! i was EXHAUSTED! then i woke up to my cell phone vibrating, Lindsay telling me to wake up cuz it was time for movie night. We watched Mona Lisa Smile and Uptown Girls. I’ve seen them both already, but it never hurts to watch em a few times, especially Mona Lisa Smile. I love that movie. It’s not a great great movie, but the story is good.

i found this cool site YourSite.nu where u can submit ur site and have it reviewed by lots of people and also review other people’s sites…i submitted mine about 20 min ago and i already have 4 reviews! if ur gonna sign up for it, please use this link: yoursite.nu/register.php?referrer=GeniusJenn so i can get some referral points ahhh...loooveee

so yeah..that’s about it for now, i think it’s time to go to bed! lol no school tomorrow so if it doesn’t rain i’ll prolly go to NYC and walk around…maybe go to dylan’s candy bar for a candy restock. if it does rain i’ll prolly just go to a mall somewhere and try not to spend too much $$!