at least the ones who have known me for a while. I decided to redo my room again this weekend. big shock, i know…

i decided i have grown out of my loft bed. i loved it, cuz it was huge and gave me a lot of space in my room, but it was too big for my room, it made everything into an obstacle, and i’m tired of having to climb a ladder to go to sleep every night. So i’ve downgraded. I’m getting a twin bed..and i’m very excited. my room is HUGE now. well, it’s the same size it’s always been, but it feels bigger. No more cumbersome beams in my path from point A to point B…it’s so relaxing! haha

i’m loving how i have my room set up right feels so much better! It feels more like a bedroom and less of an office now!

the comfort i have now found in my room has also motivated me in my school work…yes ladies and gentleman…the procrastinator extraordinaire has completed her homework already, and before 6:00 even! shocked crazyimagine that!

i’ve decided i’ve had enough of internet explorer and I have joined the masses of the FireFox movement. I don’t know if i like it yet, i just downloaded it a little while ago, but i think i might also download Opera, as some of my more computer-savvy friends use it and they seem to like it.

At the prompting of those users who view forever-digital using firefox, I have fixed my main table so it no longer overflows. Enjoy and be merry!

until next time!