hope everyone had a splendid turkey day! mine was pretty standard, waaaayyy too filling, but for that, i’m thankful =o)

there have been lots of little developments in the life of jenn, mainly the fact that i am officially done with ALL of my college apps! yep yep! all 8 of em! now i just sit back and wait (for some reason, i remember blogging about this…but i don’t think i did lol) i’ve redone my room, which i said in the last blog. it’s still a mess cuz i don’t have a bed yet, but i’m gonna attempt to clean it today…

another little development i don’t think i will disclose yet is probably one of hte biggest in this past week…more on that later though.

i’m goin to my dad’s tomorrow, for my lil sis’s bday party, she’s gonna b 5. i still haven’t bought a gift, i don’t knwo what to get her…so yeah.

that’s about all for this blog, nothin special. I’ve been busy workin on my new project with natalie…more about that when it’s done =o)

so yeah..i guess this blog was pointless, but thanks for readin anyway! lol happy surfing =o)