ok…every time i’ve gone to sleep in the past 2 days (counting a nap last night! lol) i’ve had dreams/nightmares about college applications and decision letters and all of the crap. it’s really gettin on my nerves! i wake up sweating and all confused. I’ve had dreams that i was accepted, rejected, deferred, i got a letter that didn’t have any answer whatsoever in it. I’ve been on the Yale campus, the Cornell campus, at home, every imaginable situation, i’ve dreamed about. I won’t get my 1st decision letter til the 16th…which is like FOREVER from now considernig a lot of my friends have gotten their’s already. I don’t think i’m going to get into the school that i’m waiting for the letter from, but just the fact that i have a definitive answer will hopefully let me sleep in peace! it’s craziness, 1 of my friends was rejected from columbia, the other was deferred, one of my friends got into UPenn, and there are a ton more waiting for their letters. it’s all just starting to hit! i know, i say that all the time, but every time it’s become more and more of a reality. it’s scaring me!

i don’t remember blogging about this in my last blog, and i’m too lazy to read about waht i wrote, but I’M GOING TO SPAIN THIS SUMMER!! yep yep! for a language program. now i just hafta find the right one. I’m trying to hold it off until i get this letter on the 16th, so maybe, if i do get in, i can do a language program thru them and get some credits. but yeah…

so just wanted to blog and stick some new info in this thing =o)

i’ve had a few Ask A Q’s lately, so i thought i’d answer them:

are you available?

haha…i just might be…are you? (no clue who that came from…but yeah)

Whats ur best subject?

i don’t know really, i get the highest grades in photography, but that’s also an easier class than the rest…i’d say i do the best in english though.

how are you?

i’m just great =o) how about you?

who are you going out with?

see “are you available?” lol

how’s school?

ehh..school is school. can’t wait for it to end. or at least for xmas break, any sort of break! lol

are you gay?

nope…definitely not

why pink?

i think this applies to my last layout…i dunno, i guess i just find pink easier to work with for layouts?

just wanted to say i love your layout! – Susel from http://susel.endless-mystery.net

aww shucks! thanks! ahhh...loooveee

which is easiest for you to use on your layouts? tables or divs?

well it really depends on what i’m doing. for bloggy layouts when i use php kinda stuff, i like tables, but when i have a graphic i wanna align things in, i use divs.

ok that’s all! thanks for all of the questions! thanks for visiting! have a great week! =o)