lol..yeah, i just watched Grease on DVD..chang chang chanity chang shoo bop..

cool eh?

nothing REALLY new…i’ve received my first official college rejection letter. no biggie, i knew it was coming. i just hope i get into cornell.

a few more days of school til christmas break, and i STILL haven’t finished my shopping…err…should i say i haven’t even STARTED

yeah…i’m in trouble, i know!

i tried out for grease this week (hence me watching the movie, i wasn’t too familiar with it) i have another audition on monday. i don’t care if i get a part or anything, i just want to be in the chorus. I actually tried out for Rizzo…but i know i’m not getting that. I just wanted to get the whole singing by myself on stage part over with. the dancing part wasn’t too bad, i actually picked it up pretty quickly thank god.

other than that there’s nothing else new really, at least i don’t think. i’ve been working on my web services site, cuz just this past week i’ve gotten 2 site design propositions, so i wanna get something official up and running. If you have any suggestions for what to include in a hosting package, like disk space, bandwidth, and stuff like that, lemme know! i could use some input!

so yeah, that’s it =o)

until later…