yeah…so i try to access my site a few days ago and i get a message “your account has been suspended, please contact support/billing” so i did.. turns out that my greymatter script was causing a system overload or something and that it needed to be removed in order for my account to be reinstated.. so it’s gone. i’m now on wordpress. it seems pretty good so far.. we’ll see how it goes once i try to stick it on my page!

it’s gross out today….it’s spring and it’s like snow/raining (i guess u’d call it frozen rain then?) oo! wait! just looked out my is indeed snow!

and…WE WON HOUSE 2 HOUSE! yepper.. team brain (ok so that’s not really our name) won for the 2nd year in a row (1st time that ever happened!) for those of u who haven’t been f ollowing my blogs.. house 2 house is a gameshow my school’s TV station does with trivia and stuff like that. teams of 3 compete to see who’s the smartest and we won!! yepp! can’t wait to get my gift card to barnes and noble!

and that’s it for now really… i just wanna get this new blog configured and stuff..

thanks for visitng, thanks for commenting! enjoy ur stay!