so it’s spring break, and just like winter break, i haven’t done a derned thing! but that’s OK this time for some reason. Now that i have all of that college crap out of the way i’m just so much more RELAXED! I don’t have a SINGLE worry this break…no APs, no college apps, no financial aid apps, no scholarships apps, it’s just ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh relaxing! lol.

i’ve been playing some DDR out of total boredom..but of course it’s fun too. I’ve organized my iPod some more…although i’m in desparate need of new music (comment with any suggestions!) and that’s about it

i think for the rest of the break i’m going to invest some time into this site. It’s in need of a tune-up and an update. I still kinda like this layout, so i’m going to leave it up for now. Maybe once the end of the school year rolls around I’ll have some sort of inspiration for a new one. But, until then, this one will do.

I’ve added some new content pages, updated some old pages, and all that sort of thing. As soon as i finish this blog i’m going to update the sidebar so that you can see what updates i’ve done in the past few days.

so yeah, not much to say… so back to updating. Thanks for visiting! =o)