well graduation is a week from tomorrow. god that went by quickly! i start work this weekend, so i’ll be @ the shore, computerless. ugh. hopefully i’ll be ordering my laptop soon so i won’t hafta worry about that! but then again, i’ll be moving to the shore in just over a week, so i won’t be computerless for long.

so yeah. i really don’t have much to say. i have my calc final tomorrow, AP bio final on monday – joyyyyyy. my 2 worst subjects. i finished the year with a 91 in English, a 100 in Advanced Creative Writing, a 100 in photography, a 100 in gym (duh?), something above 93 in Psychology, and something above a 93 in Physics. not bad. who knows what bio is gonna be, just hope i pass it! lol right now my average is like… 75…EEK. i need something good on the final! and calc – i got a 98 this marking period but that idiot can’t add…i’ll stop there. i wouldn’t want to get accused of slander or some such nonsense if he ever happened to stumble upon this.

what else?? i’m thinkin of making some updates to this site as soon as i can come up with something good. i dunno…any suggestions? i’m kind of burnt out from school so i want some no-brainer type things til i can recuperate some brain cells lol. but yeah…that’s all for now. until later.