wow…2 blogs in 2 days??? i must be getting way too much time on my hands!!! anyway…i put up a new layout. hope u like it. i took the pic of the flower when i was camping this weekend. here are some other pics from the trip: click

took my calc final today – UGH. the impossible would have been easier to achieve than passing this exam. but i’ll find out my grade on monday. i’m just glad i’m done with that stupid class. onto college calc (EEK!) that should be interesting.

This time next week I’ll be graduating. We’ll already be about an hour into the ceremony i think. WOW. i still can’t get over it. four years of high school – OVER.

don’t have much else to say today – just wanted to note that i put up a new layout. time for a weekend of AP Bio immersion and graduation dress shopping. i should have my pics from prom back in a day or so…so maybe i’ll scan a few and post them.

until later.

(did i mention in the last entry that we got our yearbooks? i’m pretty impressed with it. time for signatures!)