so that’s it.. graduation was yesterday. it doesn’t even feel like it. It feels like it’s just a weekend and i’ll be going back to school on monday.

Project graduation was pretty fun…i was DEAD tired! we got back to Bayonne around 6AM. i went right to sleep and got up sometime after 2PM lol. i don’t remember the last time i’ve slept that late.

so now it’s packing time, 3 days to get my entire room into boxes. i want to wait til the last possible second to take apart my computer, but even so, i don’t think i’m gonna have the internet on Tues *gasp*!

i have a grad party to go to today @ 5 (AKA in 45 min) and i’m definitely not up for it! i’m to derned tired! lol.

well that’s all i hafta say for now. i got some good grad gifts (AKA money, a laptop, and a gift certificate to a travel company (eurail pass here i come!) ) …time to get back to sleep though! lol

thanks for visiting and thank to my commenters!