ok, so i just finished Digital Fortress. not NEARLY as good as Angels & Demons, but still pretty good. It was missing the trademark Dan Brown page chock full of cool information style. As i read more an more of dan brown’s books (i only have 1 left to read) i’m realizing that he follows the same basic pattern for his plots, which kind of took away from the suspense of this read. i did find it amusing, however, that one of the character’s name was Greg Hale. the irony being that he shared his last name with Nathan Hale, and he, like Nathan, advocated civil liberties, and died for the cause. (give me liberty or give me death…haha)

…just thought i’d point that out.

i think i’m gonna take a break before i run out of books to read. i might switch away from dan brown for a bit. The only book of his i have yet to read is Deception Point, but after reading angels & demons and digital fortress, i think i’m becoming too used to his style. i’ll just read something else, something totally different from the murder mystery type thrillers.

after talking to natalie today, i’ve decided to join her in posting a “photo-a-day blog”. basically, i’m going to take at least 1 photo a day and post it and blog about it. since i work on a beach, odds are most of my pics will be of a day on the beach, but i’ll try to make them all interesting and unique to the specific day.

i think that’s about it for now. i’m still waiting for my housing packet to come in the mail. and apparently the student advisors were included in that as well, so i’m especially anxious. one of my friends actually ended up with the roommate of the girl that hosted us for Cornell Days.

here’s the reading list:

The Ultimate Hitchiker?s Guide to the Galaxy

Angels & Demons

Deception Point

Harry Potter 6

Catch 22

Things Fall Apart

A Tale of Two Cities

Digital Fortress The Curious Incident of the Dog in Nighttime

and whatever else i find lol

…i think Catch-22 will be next.

until later.