today started off as a pretty boring day but concluded in a rather unusual fashion. i went to work today. the beach was EMPTY. no one. the weather was pretty gross, it was hazy for a while but turned into a huge storm. thankfully, i got to go home early cuz of the thunder and lightning! =o) i was walking along the waterline looking for seaglass as usual…and this EPA helicopter hovered over the beach then lowered til it was like 20 ft. over the ocean. it was pretty cool. unfortunately, though, i left my camera up by my stuff and i couldn’t get it in time to take a pic. instead, i took this pic, it’s of all the seaglass i found today. i found a few blues which was pretty cool cuz they’re hard to find. i also found this really cool orange shell. i think you can see it in the pic too. i started reading catch-22 today, but it’s slow going. i keep wanting to doze off. it’s not a very interesting book so far. since there wasn’t anyone on the beach, i didn’t have any interruptions either, so i stopped reading lol.

so like i said, work ended early. i came home, ate lunch, played the sims 2, then my mom called to tell me we were going out to dinner for her friend’s brother’s bday. so we went…and when i got there, i found out that they had this contest that the restaurant is famous for. You eat their XXL pizza all by urself and u get a tshirt. i thought…ehh, doesn’t sound TOO hard but i’m not in the mood for it. THEN i saw the pizza. the XXL was the same size as a regular pie in bayonne. not only that, but it was PAPER THIN! it was like a cracker! so i said to myself “this is gonna b cake” and i ordered the pizza. an hour or 2 later and with some willpower, i finished it! and i am now a member of the “pete & elda’s whole pizza eater’s club”. that’s a pic of the shirt i got. they have a new one every month or so. i think i might go back before i leave for cornell. i won’t eat another whole pizza unless it’s a new shirt tho =o) so yeah…that was my day. now i’m just sitting here in an attempt to digest. i’m SOOOO full. according to the waitress, i’m going wake up STARVING tomorrow morning, but i doubt it. there’s no WAY i can even think of food.

that does it for my “photo a day” blog. ok, so today was 2 photos, but there were 2 equally important things in my day today: getting off of work early and eating wayyy too much! =o)

until tomorrow’s photo…