*warning* this blog may contain SPOILERS for harry potter 6. if you don’t want to know, don’t read. */warning*

well it seems my photo-a-day blog isn’t working out as well as i hoped it would. I have taken at least 1 photo every day, but then i get home from work and find myself lost for time. I haven’t had a chance to put all of the photos on the computer. so maybe i’ll make it into a photo-a-week blog??

Most of my time has been consumed in my continued book-a-thon. I’ve just finished the new Harry Potter. I can’t say that it is one of my favorites, although i did relate to this book more than any of the others (don’t ask, it’s hard to explain). I was quite disappointed @ dumbledore’s naivety and utter blindness to the fact that snape couldn’t be trusted. I figured out that it would be dumbledore who died at the very beginning of the book, and of course, the inevitable romance between ginny and harry was also highly predictable. It seems i enjoyed this book more for J.K. Rowling’s writing style and use of latin in her naming of spells and things. Although, i must say, that knowing what most of the word roots meant unfortunately gave away the spell’s power, thus, killing the suspense for me.

I did, however, enjoy that we got to see dumbledore, not as an aloof professor who watched harry from afar but really never took a direct role in his education (at least not as directly as he did in this book), but as a man of great compassion and caring in addition to his obvious wealth of knowledge and wisdom which he was so quick to share with harry in this book. (which was obviously Rowling’s intention. after all, a writer always wants his/her reader to fall in love or in hate with a character before they are killed off).

the rift between ron and hermione grew old very quickly. i think rowling tried a little to hard to interject some sort of romantic triangle into the story to show the characters as true teenagers.

but all in all, i did enjoy reading it. it was quite a page-turner even though it took about 3/4 of the book to even begin to reach the introduction of some action-packed event.

so the list, as it stands now:

here?s the reading list:

The Ultimate Hitchiker?s Guide to the Galaxy

Angels & Demons

Deception Point

Harry Potter 6

Catch 22

Things Fall Apart

A Tale of Two Cities

Digital Fortress The Curious Incident of the Dog in Nighttime

and whatever else i find lol

oh, and that reminds me: i attempted to start catch-22. i think i’m about 100 pages in, but i just can’t stand the book anymore. there’s no plot! well, i’m sure there is one SOMEWHERE, but i can’t stand waiting for it anymore. i suppose i’ll check out sparknotes or something to see if one ever develops, and then maybe i’ll delve into that one again, but i think i’m going to start Deception Point tomorrow.

until next time…(which will hopefully be one of my photo blogs)