hey hey! well i’m @ school. it’s been CRAAAAAZZYYYY these last 2 days. move in, tons of meetings, etc etc etc. there hasn’t been any downtime since we got here. it was pretty hectic @ 1st, we were so jam packed with appointments and things that there was no time to eat, so i didn’t eat for like 24 hours straight…but tonight was taco nite @ the dining hall so everything is better now (GOD were those tacos good!)

i went with all of my suitemates and we ate together which was awesome; a good bonding experience lol. none of the other suites are really very friendly. some don’t even talk to their neighbors, so i guess i lucked out with this one!

so yeah, it’s been a pretty good time so far. i FINALLY get to sleep in tomorrow cuz we don’t have any meetings scheduled til later. i’m SO tired lol i think i’ve slept a grand total of like…6 hours in the past few days. NUTS. but yeah, it’s worth it. i’m having a lot of fun.

i’ve realized i need posters or something that will make my room a little brighter. it’s cool and spacious, but it’s lacking in personality. it looks too much like a dorm. my suitemates have a GREAT dorm setup. one of them brought rice paper lamps and she has them hanging from the ceiling. it’s REALLY cozy, so kat and i (that’s my roommate) might get some xmas lights or something to brighten this place up.

so that’s all for now. i’m gonna get back to organizing myself. i feel like everything is so out of place, yet everything is in a place. it’s kind of awkward. i feel like everything is so disorderly! but hopefully once classes start and i realize what i need to have where and get used to the room i’ll feel a lot better.

so thanks for reading, thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting!

until next time!