today has been a day, let me tell you.

probably one of the most intangibly productive days of my life.

the most important detail of the day is: i’ve decided on my major. I’m going to major in Information Sciences more here. it’s amazing. it’s everything i could want from a major. it involves computers, personal interaction, it’s a science, and it’s broad. it’s perfect. I’d been considering it for a few weeks now, but after speaking to a professor (more on that later) about it, i’m convinced it’s right for me. He told me of this student he knew who majored in infosci a few years ago and now works for Google in their marketing department. that is the PERFECT job for me. really…i couldn’t think of anything more suiting.

I realized today…well, i guess i always knew, but i finally understand and have grasped the fact that i have so much going for me by going to Cornell. I was sitting in the lounge of the hotel (yes, we have a hotel on campus) waiting to meet my mentor (more on that later also) and today happened to be the Career Fair. SO… i was sitting in the lobby waiting and walking in and out are all of these recruiters that had been @ the fair. there were people there from such big companies that i felt truly overwhelmed! There were people from Intel, L’Oreal, Nike, Morgan Stanley, any big name imaginable walking in and out prepared to offer people jobs. how nuts is that?! That’s going to be me in a few years, walking around that fair, waiting for one of those recruiters to stop me and say “hey..wanna come work for us?”. the thought of it just freaks me out!

so onto the other part of the day. like i said, i was waiting for my mentor. well, see, i have a mentor. i got matched with her thru some program here and we spoke a few times before the end of last school year and over the summer on the phone and thru emails, but, because i moved, we never got the chance to meet (she works in NYC). So she happened to be on campus today because she had to do some sort of presentation for the Johnson School. So we met up and talked about random stuff…nothing too productive. She wanted to introduce me to her favorite professor whom she planned to meet just after our meeting. He’s a professor of communications here. so we met and we talked for a bit and he told me a LOT of stuff about infosci that i had really been wondering about. mainly: what kind of job does someone with an infosci major get? he mostly answered that question for me, thankfully. and the funny thing is – i have a class with his son! he’s a junior and we have the same intro to web programming class. small world, huh?

so yeah…that wasn’t really all there was to my productive day, but that was definitely the most important part. I also signed up to be a campus host for CUimage. basically, i’m allowed to host HS students who come here to visit the campus and stuff. it’s the same program that i got to visit cornell thru this time last year. (the students are actually coming this weekend! it’s amazing how fast this year flew!)…and what else did i do? i went to office hours, a first for me. i had to check something out with my webdesign grade. stupid w3 validator didn’t do my site justice! so hopefully that’ll be fixed.

anddd…what else??? i think that’s about it basically. i was in such a good mood when i got back from my meeting with my mentor that i went straight to my HW. i wrote my spanish essay, i started my webdesign HW that’s not due til sunday…i was on a roll! (i don’t know what got into me!!)

lol i think that’s about it? I have a prelim next week in calc. that should be interesting. i hafta go to like a study group or something this week/weekend to get ready for that cuz i dunno if i’m totally on par yet. only 15 more days til i get to go home for fall break. well, maybe 14 now that today’s over?

so yeah…that’s it…or that’s all i can think of @ the moment…and i don’t have my glasses on so things are starting to get blurry lol.

thanks for visiting. thanks for reading. until next time…