yeah, so i got in the mood to make a new layout last night. I’m trying to fix up the coding of this site, cuz it’s really sloppy. You’re probably going to find lots of broken links everywhere and stuff, just bear with me because i don’t always have time every day to work on it. For now, the layout should be working just fine and dandy…well, at least the index page. i haven’t gotten to the subpages yet, so they might still be in the old layout. Hopefully this weekend i’ll have some time to tweak.

I finished my homework for comp sci already. I uploaded it to this server so that i could show people that didn’t have access to the cornell sites…take a looksey if u want. it’s nothing spectacular, just a color changer so that we could learn some PHP. there should be some more complicated stuff coming in the future, but i’m pretty pleased with this. i enjoy the layout lol. here.

so what else is new?? 6 days til fall break, 7 til my birthday. I think i’m getting cuTV for my bday – which will be AWESOME cuz then i can watch my fave TV shows that i can’t get on DC++ (ie. extreme makeover home edition and everwood). What else? umm…I’m starting to force myself to study harder. It’s not that i’m not getting good grades, but i realized that this is my LAST opportunity to learn the things i’m learning, so if i don’t take advantage of it now and learn all I can from it, then i’m just wasting my time and money. That being said, did almost all of my HW REALLY early yesterday, so i had the whole night free to myself (which is why i made a new layout) and then, before i went to sleep, just so i didn’t feel like i was wasting my night away on non-school work, I reviewed like 200 pages of my spanish text book and highlighted and stuff so that i can make sure that i’m getting everything out of that class that i can. i’m determined to be fluent in spanish by the end of this year (and at the rate i’m going, and the quality teaching that i’ve been getting, it could happen. according to the course description, by the end of the spanish class that i’m going to take next semester, i’ll be basically fluent. so coolbeans to that.

…so yeah i wrote this blog last night and i just found out that i didn’t submit it. i don’t remember waht i wanted to talk about…so i’ll just post this as is. lol

thanks for visiting. thanks for commenting.

ohh…and check out my new little “random quote” script @ the bottom of the left column. i wrote it myself!!

…until next time.