ok…i think the funniest but most disgusting thing of my life occured last night…

it’s about 3AM and i’m in my bed trying to fall asleep. lights are off and my roommate is in the room down the hall watching sex & the city. i hear the door open and someone fumble around…i thought i was her. then i heard the sound of running water. i couldn’t imagine what it was so I woke up and looked around the room. i saw someone in the corner squatted on the floor and put that together with the sound of running water and u get the picture. so i got up and asked her what she was doing. her response “i realllly have to go to the bathroom”.

me: “ok???….in here?”

her: “i just hafta pee really bad”

u can tell that she was drunk. so i got up..flicked on the light jsut to make sure i wasn’t imagining it, and then ran to get my roomie and suitemates from down the hall. when we got back she was already on her way out of our room. We asked her waht she did and her response: “i just reallly had to go to the bathroom” then she turned around, went back in my room, climbed into my bed, and proceed to pass out. We couldn’t get her up…or out of my room!

so we went to get her er…i guess he’s her boyfriend? they’re nothing official but they should be… so anyway – we got him to carry her back to her room…. now it was time to clean up the pee on the floor.

so rachel was in charge of the lysol and the febreeze. every 2 seconds she squirted some more. gabby and i worked on getting lots and lots of paper towels so that we could try to soak it up. we must have gone thru about 3/4 of an industrial size paper towel roll and about 4 days of newspapers. so around 4:30 we decided we wouldn’t be able to get any more up. so we gave the puddle one last squirt of febreeze, put the fans that we have on the floor to try to dry it…and went to sleep.


so some other funny stuff happened last night, but nothing that will compare to the pee, so i won’t mention it lol.

i went to the farmers’ market today. it was cool. i bought lots of apple cider, some mini pumpkins, some popcorn, etc etc. it was pretty cool. it’s amazing to see what people can make! there were fresh chickens, homemade soap, tiles, lots and lots of fruits and veggies – craziness. it was like an authentic farmers’ market too cuz that’s all there is around here!!!!

what else is there?? umm..that’s about it now…i just took a nap and i’m not feelin so hot. i’m gonna go bother amy for a bit and then prolly take another nap lol.

2 blogs in 2 days – i think i’m setting some sort of record! lol