just wanted to blog quickly to say:

it snowed last night!

lol…yep. it was more like very very freezing rain that if it were like 1 degree colder would have definitely been snow, but it was snow nonetheless. @ 12:30AM i got dressed and went outside just to make sure.

so for the past 2 nights i haven’t gone to sleep til 4:30AM, and three nights ago, i didn’t go to sleep til 3AM… TONs of homework. it was insane. and i think it’s gonna happen again tonight, cuz i have a calc prelim tomorrow night. but it seems to be working for me, cuz i did AMAZING on my web design project which i was worried that i was going to fail because i couldn’t get a required function to work, but luckily, i used an instance of a similar function in another part of the page, so it compensated for my failed function…A+!!!!! WOOHOO! i’m quite excited. and i had a spanish test today, which didn’t go all that bad, i don’t think. i guess i’ll see when i get my grade back?? so yeah… that’s all for my quick blog. i’m sure there’s more that i hafta say, but i don’t have the time to figure it out now.

let it snow let it snow let it snow! =o)

until next time…